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Joint Stock Company «Khmelnytskoblenergo»

Legal address:

11 A, Khranovskogo Str., Khmelnytsky, 29018

tel: (0382)78-78-59

Е-mail: kanc@hoe.com.ua
Company website: www.hoe.com.ua

Territory covered:

Ukraine, Khmelnytsky region

Main activity:

power transmission and distribution

Joint Stock Company «Khmelnytskoblenergo» was created in accordance with resolution  of  general meeting of shareholders  by the transformation of the State power supplying Enterprise  «Khmelnytskoblenergo» into the State Joint stock power supplying Company «Khmelnytskoblenergo» with a next renaming it into the Public Joint-Stock Company «Khmelnytskoblenergo» (PJSC «Khmelnytskoblenergo») and Joint Stock Company «Khmelnytskoblenergo» (JSC «Khmelnytskoblenergo»).

JSC «Khmelnytskoblenergo» is the integral part of the Ukraine's joint energetic system and belongs to the important strategic state enterprises.

Company's main activities are reliable electricity transmission and supplying to the consumers of Khmelnytsky region, on the terms of signed agreements according to the tariffs, that are being regulated by the Ukrainian legislation, and receiving profit from the main company activities to meet shareholder's interests and provide the Company development.

It's main activities JSC «Khmelnytskoblenergo» is performing according to the licenses for:

  • transmission of the electric power by the local electrical grids on the territory of Khmelnytsky region;
  • electric power supply according to the regulated tariffs by the local electrical grids on the territory of Khmelnytsky region.

Company is situated on the territory of the Khmelnytsky region. The Company consists of 25 separated divisions. Those are Regional Electrical Grids (REG) in each region, also  Khmelnytsky and Kamyanets-Podilsky city REG, Starosynyavsky Centralized Workshop and Health Resort «The Apple Orchard».

The local system of transporting and supplying of the electric power to the region consumers cowers the total territory of the 20,6 thousands km2 and consists of the 34,000 km long power lines, 175 transformer substations 110/35/10 kV, with the capacity of 1795,9 MVA, 7382 transformer substations10/0,4 kV with the capacity of 1548,4 MVA and 66 distributing points with the voltage of 10/0,4 Kv  with the capacity of 37,4  MVA.

Corporate values of JSC «Khmelnytskoblenergo»

The Company strives not only to comply
Consumer needs but to exceed their expectations

The systematic increasing of staff competence, encouraging them to self-education and creative growth
is the key to sustainable development of the Company

The introduction of an open dialogue with society, partners and other interested parties –
is an integral component of management system